Friday, August 12, 2011

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Italian Cream Cake with Strawberries

Horray for Friday!! We hope everyone had an efficient and successful work week. My German relatives are spending their last weekend in America so I thought I would make a delicious cake for the weekend. I logged onto Pinterest and found this delectable Pin: 

It's an Italian cream cake with strawberries. Obviously I had to try this cake. This recipe wasn't too difficult, but I was very happy to have my Grandmother's (we call her Nomie) help. The recipe calls for the basic ingredients, butter, sugar, flour, but you have to separate the egg whites for one of the 3 mixtures you have to make. Here's how our cake turned out:

Man oh man was it good! Personally, it's the best cake recipe I've tried! I think the trick is folding the egg whites into the butter, buttermilk, and flour mixture. 

A little advice before making this cake:
1. If you want the strawberries to really stand out in this cake be sure to buy enough strawberries (we almost ran out).
2. Be sure to have the eggs & butter at room temperature, this really makes a difference!
3. Use 3 separate round cake pans, if you only have two don't try and bake two layers and wait to bake the third layer when the other two have cooled, the cake batter will go bad!
4. Make sure you have greased and floured the round cake pans.

Seriously people, you gotta try this recipe! Enjoy!

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