Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Ways You Can... Keep Calm

At times, the "Keep Calm, and Carry On" posters can be a little ridiculous and over dramatic. However... there is at least one out there for everyone, and there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Keep Calm posters circulating the web and definitely on the print section of Pinterest.

Here are our Top 10 Favorite "Keep Calm" sayings and posters, in no particular order. The pins for the prints (which are linked to where they originated from) are at the bottom!

Way One... Every Girl's Favorite Kinda Calm
Way Two... Classy Calm
Way Three...  Glitter Girls Calm

Way Four... Our Favorite Way to Keep Calm

Way Five... Morning Commute Calm

Way Six... Aerosmith Calm

Way Seven... Adventure Calm

Way Eight... Frameable Calm

Way Nine... Food Therapy Calm

Way Ten... Anti-Calm
There is an adorable Etsy shop that has TONS of Keep Calm prints if you would like to add one to your personal collection!

Enjoy... and seriously, try to Keep Calm!

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  1. first and last ones are my favorites....especially the first one....Harry actually has hair. And I can't even bag on the fact that he is a ginger since I'm one now.