Monday, July 11, 2011

This Weeks Quote: People Are Just as Happy As They Make Up Their Minds to Be.

Happy Monday everyone, I think this quote by Abraham Lincoln is very fitting for the Monday blues! It's amazing how powerful the human mind can be, it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Happiness is a decision you make. Sometimes it's hard to be happy, everyone has their setbacks, their dark places but in those times we have to step back from the pessimism and say "hey, life is good, I'm still breathing... and today is a blessing"

My dad had a friend who was always positive and uplifting. He asked him one day “How do you stay so positive?” He told my dad when he would wake up in the mornings he’d say “I feel happy, healthy and terrific!” and would repeat it throughout the day. He chose to be happy even though he dealt with a lot of health issues, he chose to ignore them and find the good in whatever he was doing. (I’m reading Change your brain, change your life by Dr. Amen and he talks about the “glad game” a game where when you feel down, open your eyes and see the things that make you glad!)

We thought this was a nice uplifting and positive thinking mantra for the week! Enjoy!

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