Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Clarity

Translucent... Iridescent... Aquamarine... Turquoise... there are so many adjectives to describe everyone's favorite shade of ocean water. Lindsey's favorite way to describe it is "as clear as bathtub or swimming pool water," and when you find a beach or island with water like that, there is just no going back to a murky-brownisn -green ocean.  Don't get us wrong, we love all beaches, and being able to see any kind of ocean is a treat for us since we reside in a very landlocked part of the country.

But this kind of water is just so mind boggling clear ... and perfect ...

We are beach snobs, bad ones. After a chat during a late night walk we have both concluded that if you get into the ocean and have no idea where the heck your feet have disappeared to, you are at the wrong place.

 Here is Kelsey's reasoning behind her ocean clarity snobbery: My mom and I decided to go down to the beach our first day in Hilton Head to catch some rays. Being July 3rd, it was expected that there were a number -and by number I mean tons- of people on the beach. After laying out for a while we both got a little restless and decided to toss the volleyball around in the ocean. We walk up to the edge of the water where I notice a few dead jelly fish and become a little reluctant to venture further into the water. My Mom convinces me we’ll be fine if we don’t go too far out. We get out a little over our ankles when I notice I can’t see my feet…at all. As anyone would do, I started to get a little twitchy about the murky water but quickly relax after we start passing the volleyball back and forth. 

A few minutes in the water I step on something squishy and rubbery and of course, I can’t see it. I let out a yelp (which sounds like a bird squawking) quickly grabbing the attention of others in the water. Mom asks me what’s wrong; I tell her I’ve just stepped on some kind of mysterious squishy object. The words hadn’t left my mouth when I step on another one, except this one felt much bigger than the first and of course, I let out another loud squawk. I’m begging my mom to get out of the water with me but she replies, “Stop being such a big baby…” I don’t know if it’s because I am the shortest one in my family (both my parents and brother are 6ft or taller) but I’m known as “the baby” so after being reminded of my family status I become determined, “no matter how many times I step on these mysterious squishy sea creatures I’m not getting out of the water till Mom does!" 

I step on at least 2 more rubbery creatures. Next thing I know I hear a similar squawking noise coming out of my mother’s mouth. She looks up at me and says, “I just stepped on something squishy, I don’t know what it was…LETS GET OUT!” We both scream and run to shore as fast as we can! We still have no idea what we were stepping on. 

The first thing Kelsey said after getting back home was "I don't know why I was thinking this, but when I was imagining being on the beach, I was imagining what the water looked like in St. Kitts."

She thought wrong...

Here are a few pics from a pit stop on our spring break cruise! Now that, my friends, is some quality water! Jellyfish, not included.

St. Kitts 

St. Maarten

Dinner on the Cruise: Notice the cool upside down lamp light fixtures.
best sangria...ever!


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