Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Furry Friends To Brighten Your Day

Well, the title of this one says it all. When you are having a bad day, it is often the furry friends in your life that seem to make you smile no matter what.  Here are ten animals that we found on Pinterest that are bound to make you smile, and maybe even laugh, too.

Furry Friend Photo One: The Kitty Missile
We have been obsessed with this flying fluff for at least five days!
Every time we need a good laugh, this will do it in two seconds.

Furry Friend Photo Two: Cut Em' Loose

Furry Friend Photo Three: The Heart Melters 
So, Lindsey is a little biased because she has a Westie named Zippy
But seriously, how could these guys not make you say awwww?

Furry Friend Photo Four: Our Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

Furry Friend Photo Five: The Twin
Kelsey's turn to be biased! Her Maltese Teddie looked just like this pup when she first got her...she used to bounce through the backyard in a similar fashion! 

Furry Friend Photo Six: Wrinkles can be cute!

Furry Friend Photo Seven: Classically Cute

Furry Friend Photo Eight: An unlikely pair!

Furry Friend Photo Nine: Dun duh duhhh!

Furry Friend Photo Ten: Meowzer

Hope y'all got a few good laughs, we sure did...Enjoy!

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