Thursday, June 16, 2011

Obsession: Gallery Walls

We have been getting some serious apartment decor inspiration from the home + furniture tab on Pinterest lately. Lindsey is moving into a new apartment in a little over a month, and we have plans to work on making a fun gallery wall centered around her desk in her new room.

We like how the examples below show a mix of so many different ways for a gallery wall to be accomplished. We are partial to the white matted and gold frames... maybe a combination of the two would look good?


Right now things that are going on the wall will include:
  1. A vintage map of London print purchased at the National Gallery
  2. Photos with friends from graduation and travels
  3. Framed painting purchased last spring in St. Maarten
  4. Vintage mirror with a quote painted on it or with stickers like the picture below

So where can you buy gallery frames? There is quite a selection from Ikea and also from the furniture store, West Elm. We are sure there are tons of other places to find them, but it is at least a start!

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