Monday, June 27, 2011

This Week's Quote: Inside Us All Patiently Waiting, Sits An Adventure Bird

In our experience, the best things always happen when you are outside of your element and comfort zone, living life a little bit on the edge. We have had some pretty amazing experiences on some of our adventures, and know we see the world through slightly different lenses after these experiences. It is true, we all have an adventure bird inside of us, ready to be let out of its cage whenever you allow it to.

This is a picture of Lindsey in Lagunillas, Chile. I went on a mini-study abroad trip and visited Santiago, Lagunillas, Valparaiso, and Vina del Mar while there. It was the first time I had been so far from home without my family, and that, in itself, made it a big adventure already for me. It was also the first time I had taken a flight over 5 hours (this one was 12), so that was a big step for me as well. By far, the most amazing experience is what is taking place in this picture above. I had never repelled before, and had heard stories of my dad's mountaineering adventures my whole life. It was so cool to be doing something so out of my element in such a beautiful place, and to be doing something that was so close to my dad's heart, as well. It was definitely a moment where my adventure bird was singing.

These are pictures of Kelsey in the Arenal Volcano area of Costa Rica. I went on a study abroad trip for an environmental science credit...I honestly believe I learned more on this trip than in any of my classes in my educational career! It's amazing how first hand experiences (like study abroad) give you a completely different perception on the world and what you're learning about in that country! Anywho, this picture of me on the left was right before I did one of the scariest, most amazing activities of my lining almost 500 feet in the air through the rain forest. I’m not terrified of heights, but I’m also not somebody who would jump out of an airplane just for the fun of it! I almost backed out after watching the bravest of my classmates dare the 2,000 foot long zip line first! When I finally mustered enough courage to zip through the jungle I literally screamed the entire line…but after that I was hooked. Going 40mph through the rain forest with the view of the Arenal Volcano at my side was pretty breath taking. The picture on the right is a shot of the Arenal Volcano from our hotel! This electrifying moment in my life definitely brought me out of my comfort zone and let my adventure bird scream her lungs out!

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