Wednesday, June 22, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Heidelberg, Germany

There has been serious Mavs fever in Dallas over the past few weeks... and with Mavs fever, comes Dirk fever... and Dirk fever makes us think of the beautiful country of Germany.

The summer after our sophomore year, the two of us and two of our other friends ventured to Europe for a thirty day trip to eight different countries...obviously one of the greatest times of our lives! At one of our many stops we experienced the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. Unfortunately, we only stayed in Heidelberg for one night but it is definitely an area we would love to visit again! Now, y'all can expect many more posts about our glorious trip to Europe but today we wanted to focus on Germany.

Here's our inspiration from Pinterest:

Below are a few of our own pictures from Heidelberg:

View from the castle

I'll have a drink please... World's Largest Wine Barrel

The main attraction in the tiny town of Heidelberg is the castle. Since we were really only going to have about half of a day to actually explore, we headed right for it, not thinking of the physically demanding consequences we would be embarking upon along the way. When you walk out of the main square to the base of the path to the castle you look up an extremely long and impossibly steep hill. We thought we were in shape after tackling London, Paris, and Amsterdam, but we were oh so wrong. I think we all took about 20 breaks ... it was so steep you felt like your body was slightly sideways.


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