Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pinterest Takes us Back to Paris

I (Lindsey) have a board on Pinterest that is titled "Been there... want to go back," and it is no surprise that there are several jaw dropping photos of Paris included among them. It really is true, Paris is  everything people say it is. The architecture is beautiful, the views are stunning, and the food (one chocolate croissant please!) is as good as it gets.

Here is the picture from that we found on Pinterest which has both inspired us to make it back to Paris pronto and caused us to reminisce about our time there:

I don't know about you, but I would like to be on that balcony right about now looking at the Paris skyline instead of looking out my window and seeing suburbia.

We were lucky enough to go to Paris together with two of our other good friends in between our Sophomore and Junior years of college. We were only there for 3 days, but we covered some serious ground during our time there. All of the must see sights were checked off our lists, we made it out to Versailles, and even got to spend some time in some less touristy areas.

One of our other friends who was with us happens to be fluent in French, so she was more than a lifesaver during our time in France, and several other countries. Kelsey was eager to learn a few French phrases so our friend taught us the phrase "allons-y" which means let's go in English. It was a good one to know because we were always trying to go somewhere at all hours of the day. It became our mantra for the rest of our month long adventure and we would all yell "allons-y!" every time we were ready to get going.

I really hope we will all be yelling "Allons-y" while in Paris or some other foriegn locale sometime soon! Enjoy!

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  1. Dear Kelsey and Lindsey, I really liked your picture with a skyline and Eiffel Tower in the window. It is amazing! Would you mind if I used it on my website, please? Thank you. Lina