Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Working Woman's Summer Wardrobe

Have you ever woken up bright and early and stared blankly into your closet wondering, "What the heck am I going to wear today?"  We know we did almost every morning until we found Pinterest. Well, now you can "inspire" and brighten up often dull work clothes by seeking different ways to pair work classics together for a new look.

We have both started new jobs in the past month or so, and having a true "working wardrobe" has been something that has been both fun, new and also, challenging. These looks can be found in almost any we did not go out shopping searching for these stylish looks...all we did was check our style pins and found outfits that were already in our closets.

Below, you will first see the Pin that originally inspired us to create our outfit, and then a picture of one of us in a similar style that we found in our closet.

We love the sleek lines and texture added by the lace skirt in this look!

This is the reverse color combination of the inspired look above. We liked using
the white lace on the top, with the mossy green color in the skirt. This is probably a little
more relaxed than the polished look above... but we love them both!
 Kelsey's top and skirt are both from Anthropologie.

We like how simple and easy this look is. The balance
of light blue and black is a way to make a casual shirt
more office friendly!

Lindsey almost laughed out loud when she realized she had pinned an
outfit that was already in her closet that she had not thought to wear together.
Sometimes blue and black don't go together, but in this case, they surely do!
Topfrom J. Crew and skirt from Banana Republic.

This look is simple and sweet. We think there are so many
dynamite summer dresses out there that would look
great with a colorful belt.

For this look all you need is a classic looking print and a belt for your waist! For an easy
change up for overly air-conditioned offices, belt a cardigan on top of the dress.
Kelsey found this adorable Banana Republic printed dress from a resale store.

We really like the undone sophistication of this look,
including the haphazardly placed belt.

Lindsey wore this exact outfit on her first day of work after being inspired
by the neutral skirt and blue color combination above.
Entire outfit, including necklace from J. Crew

We love this "put-together" casual Friday look.
The belted cardigan look could be reused with so
many other work outfits.

An updated take on casual Friday. We know the colors and styling
are slightly different than above, but it is still a classy casual look.
Pair a bright colored comfy tee with a more sophisticated sweater,
 like this one, from Forever 21.

So, next time you waltz toward your closet in a half coma state at 6 a.m., try heading into your closet the night before and pairing something together like we have shown above, or also from the fashion section of Pinterest.
What are some of your favorite "Working Woman Wardrobe" styling tips? Do you pick all of your outfits the night before, lay them all out on Sunday night, or search the morning of? We are newbies to this working stuff so we would love to hear what you do to be stylish at the office!


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