Friday, June 17, 2011

We All Scream for Ice Cream

At the rate we are going with choosing inspirational photos of food that have high enough sugar contents to make a small army of children run in circles around us for hours, we may need to veer towards some more healthy recipes after this one.

But seriously... look how insanely good these look. We couldn't help ourselves!

And since this is what the weather forecast looks like in Dallas...

We thought it was about time for an "I scream for ice cream" themed treat.

Here is what our ice cream sammies looked like:

A few tips to make the melting ice cream situation a little easier:
  • The ice cream sandwich in the first photo is made by Baked by Rachel and she has very good tips on how to make "ice cream patties" in cling wrap before hand to perfectly place in the sandwiches
  • We found that it was easiest to take the ice cream from the cling wrap and roll it directly into your topping of choice before putting them inside of the cookies
  • When it comes to making the best and the most buttery chocolate chip cookies, we knew we could count on our favorite Southern chef, Paula Deen to provide the best recipe.

Happy Friday! Enjoy!

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