Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dreamiest Creamsicle Cupcakes

When we saw the picture of these cupcakes on Pinterest we just couldn’t resist.  This Orange Creamsicle cupcake recipe was fluffy, fun and easy to make and had the added twist of buttery marshmallow filling in the inside of the cupcakes. These Creamsicle concoctions reminded us so much of those orange dream ice cream bars that we always had after being in the pool all day as kids.

Here’s our inspiration from Pinterest below:

And here’s how ours turned out!
These Orange Creamsicle cupcakes didn’t last long in the kitchen…something about a cool citrus flavor sparks palette excitement. We will warn you that the recipe is rich, one cupcake is plenty!
A few tips for making the cupcakes:
·       The recipe called for citrus infused olive oil. We didn’t have any so we infused regular olive oil with orange extract instead
·       We used an icing piper that had a design so there wouldn’t be quite so much frosting on each cupcake
·       When digging out the “well” to put the marshmallow in make sure you take enough out to have “filling” inside the cupcakes. We had to fill the well with the marshmallow mixture twice because it kept absorbing into the cupcake.
Here is what the cupcake looks like split in half so you can see the marshmallow filling:


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