Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Like Your Braid: 10 Ways With Braids

For our "10 ways" post this week we chose a trend that has absolutely been blowing up all over Pinterest: braids. Our post today is inspired by these fun dos that can have every look from hippie-summery to office professional.

Every time someone mentions the word "braid" we both can't help but laugh, because we strangely have a funny story that is centered around this week's favorite hair style. This past spring break we went on a cruise with four of our other good friends aboard the Celebrity Eclipse that cruised the Eastern Caribbean. While we were spending the day in St. Maarten, we went to a beach near the local market and walked to the end of the beach so we could get away from all of the other people.

Almost immediately after beaching ourselves whale-style on our towels, a local woman named Beverly approached us and offered us massages and hair braiding. Of course, our friend Jillian, (and true massage addict) could not pass down a waterside rub down, so Beverly hung out with us a while. She and our other friend, Katelyn decided that a few native braids would add to our island experience.

Anyway... the real story goes like this. Jillian and Katelyn have the best set of voices and impersonations EVER and decided to creepily whisper in a very deep man's voice "I like your braid" in the rest of our ears for the remainder of the cruise. Just imagine... your sitting in an elegant dining room eating a four course meal... and then the deepest voice whispers "I like your braid" two inches from your ear. It was scary stuff people and became an instant inside joke the rest of the trip.

So, we hope you "like our braids" we found on Pinterest posted below! Here are our ten favorites:

Way One: The Fan Favorite (This one has been all over Pinterest for weeks!)

Way Two: Hippie Gone Chic

Way Three: Step-by-step
We love her nail color!

Way Four: The Fairy Tail Braid

Way Five: Sweetly Simple

Way Six: Because Hermes Says So

Way Seven: The Sidewinder

Way Eight: Gettin' Twiggy With It

Way Nine: Rocker Girl

Way Ten: The Working Woman Braid

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  1. Love all the braids, for sure the rocker one!